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About Us

Haweli offers guests a sophisticated dining experience with charming staff, discrete service and tantalising food that few can compete with. You’ll surely be coming back for more.
Prefer to stay at home with the kids tonight? Or entertaining others? Just choose from our exciting takeaway menu and we’ll deliver at your door


Haweli Restaurant & Bar extends a warm welcome to all. Enjoy an evening of fine Indian cuisine cooked up by authentic, highly skilled chefs. All dishes are freshly prepared to our own unique recipe, our menus are regularly updated to incorporate new and innovative cooking guaranteed to delight even the most discerning palate. The newly designed, modern and sumptuous decor provides the perfect place to unwind.


We also have a superb selection of aperitifs to start a great meal. Great cuisine starts with great ingredients and we only use the finest. Our specialist chefs utilise traditional slow-cooking methods using a variety of techniques and equipment including hot coal and clay ovens. Our menu is wide ranging and includes dishes to suit all tastes from mild kormas to medium spiced tikka masalas to blow-your-head-off vindaloos.

We also provide expert catering services for corporate events and large gatherings. Anniversaries? Birthdays? Or weddings? Just call us up. A bespoke menu can be designed for your event in conjunction with our professional chefs. We can also decorate the dining area to suit your occasion. Our comfortable and luxurious restaurants and exquisite Indian food will ensure your occasion is a memorable experience.